passion led us here

As functional leaders we would see how people doing the “sexiest jobs of the century”, “building cutting edge products”, “doing all the heavy lifting” by deploying their “science brains and engineering muscles”, getting a raw deal. Whether it’s for learning, earning or growth, they would always get short changed simply because they lacked a strong PERSONAL BRAND. After 30+ years of doing nothing about it, we decided it’s time to drive this change, through action. 

Our Mission

Empower STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) professionals strengthen their PERSONAL BRAND through PRACTICAL & POSITIVE transformation

Our Vision

Design, develop & deliver cutting edge training and consultation both at individual & institutional level to impact at least 1000 STEAM professionals by 2021

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Why Practive?

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Customized Offerings

Our products & services are customized to suit the unique YOU.

Cutting Edge Delivery

We use cutting edge tools & techniques for training design, development & delivery.

Industry Connect

Our programs are designed & delivered by industry experts, leaders & SMEs.

We walked that Path

Our Story

30+ Years of industry experience and leadership helped us realize that good enough isn’t smart enough and smart enough is short of being great. And only great people build a career that’s rewarding & resilient. Because no career graph is linear.
Hence PRACTIVE, a one stop shop for practical and positive solutions to move from good enough, to smart enough to GREAT.

Focused on STEAM professionals

By that, we mean the knowledge workers of today and tomorrow in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics. These are the people who continuously invest in learning, unlearning & relearning to make better decisions and also help others make better decisions. Tactically speaking we are talking about existing & aspiring Academicians, Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Research Engineers, Business Analysts, Strategists & Business Consultants.

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