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You are not destined to code your entire life & take orders from others. You are way smarter than that. Time we changed this. Here are a few programs that are changing lives. What are you waiting for?

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Industry Orientation

Whether it's retail or insurance, marketing or finance, our industry orientation programs can help you get, keep or grow in your role.

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Innovation Bootcamps

If you thought innovation starts and ends with AI, ML, Beacons & Sensors, think again. We teach you how be effectively & smartly innovative.

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Practive Master Class

Whether it's about stress management or selling skills our On-Demand master classes are phygital offerings to give you that jumpstart. Game?

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Have an opinion? Want to get heard? Struggle in group meetings & discussions. This is the best opportunity for you to break those shackles.

Why Practive?

Yes, you have options. But chances are they themselves don’t really know what it takes to grow as a STEM professional. Or if they know that part they don’t know how to train on soft skills. It’s proven, its easier to learn Decision Trees & Python than learning leadership & executive presence.

Who is this for?

Our programs are specifically structured for anyone who is already working or aspiring to work in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) space. If you are or want to be in any of these domains you are likely to benefit the most from our programs. If you aspire to be training STEM professionals you can hugely benefit from our programs as well.