We empower STEM professionals

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) professionals are SMART, but that may not be good enough. As opportunities start shrinking & competition increases, they need to transform from SMART to GREAT.

Our Programs

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We are disrupting transformation education with cutting edge design, delivery & deployment of soft skills among STEM professionals


Our on-demand, technology driven digital solutions for transformation education empowers STEM professionals to think out of the box

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Popular Offerings

Leadership Readiness

We cover various aspects of leadership in this training - from transformative leadership to everyday leadership

Executive Presence

Don't be a face in the crowd. Invest in your ability to effectively communicate & get noticed.

Hacker Mindset

Learn the tips & tricks of putting your knowledge into action when getting into a fire-fighting mode

Stress Management

Our Stress Detox training helps you cope with your stress through various destress techniques

Selling & Negotiation

From salary negotiation to selling your dream project to the business users, this is a must have skill for techies

Travel Smart

From Visa Interviews to travel etiquette this is a must have for anyone traveling in a post-Covid world

Why us?

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We use new age technology & techniques in designing & delivering our programs, for instance, quantitative assessment of training needs & impact

industry experts

We have a panel of trainers who have both the relevant experience & training experience & certification so that they know what & how to train.

custom offerings

We create personalized & customized training solutions keeping in mind individual roles, aspirations & growth opportunities.


It was useful indeed. The session was great. Especially I liked the importance of social media presence which was very useful for the beginners like us. Looking forward to more.
Amazing session conducted. Practical in every aspect. You have got a very good command over the subject. It was my pleasure to attend your session.
The mentors were highly knowledgeable on the subject and answered all the the questions to satisfaction.There seems to be a lot of research.